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LawToolBox Document Management

The LawToolBox document management solution (DMS) for Outlook and/or Teams leverages the secure Microsoft 365 and SharePoint platform to deliver a robust system.

Features include:

(1) configuring your LawToolBox to automatically create channels when you use LawToolBox to provision a Team for your matter,

(2) using templates to provision practice specific folders and files for new matters,

(3) saving emails and documents to Teams and SharePoint,

(4) accessing matter folders and files from Outlook, Teams, any browser or your Phone ,

(5) leveraging SharePoint file version control or checking files in or out,

(6) using the LawToolBox virtual meeting module to enable clients or witnesses to securely share confidential exhibits and information, and

(7) using robust search features to look across your entire Office 365 tenant for key documents you have been given access to. 

If you want to use a powerful platform like NetDocs to manage documents instead, your LawToolBox firm admin can configure your firm to hide the LawToolBox enabled SharePoint DMS and instead point to the third-party solution.

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