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SUBJECT: 15-Minute Demo –  Microsoft Office for Legal

I was hoping you could suggest a good time to set up a 15-minute phone call and demo with you or one of the people in your firm that is responsible for docketing litigation deadlines.

Microsoft recently introduced me to LawToolBox365, a matter-based deadline management system inside Outlook (case studies, brochure). LawToolBox, who has been automating court rules calendaring for state and federal courts around the country since the late 90s is offering LawToolBox365 as a bundle with Office 365 for a monthly per user fee.

If you have a minute, please check out this 2-min video. If you are interested, can you suggest a good person in your firm to schedule a 15-minute phone call and demo this week?  Or next week?

We look forward to getting your feedback on how or if you think this Office 365 deadline management system will save time generating deadlines, getting them into Outlook, tracking rule changes, and supporting malpractice insurance requirements for multiple reminder systems.

Thank you!


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