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LawToolBox and Courts across the US & World have teamed up to provide a suite of leading cloud based productivity solutions for the Modern Law Firm.

LawToolBox For Courts

LawToolBox Enhances Matter Management and Facilitates Virtual Hearings for Courts

LawToolBox announces it accelerated development of new features for its award-winning app for Microsoft Teams to empower judicial and administrative courts to manage legal matters remotely with virtual hearings.  Judicial and administrative courts are looking to different technologies to get them back up and ready for hearings.  Some courts are not just looking for a short-term patch for web meeting, but they are looking for a more robust long-term solution that includes matter and file management, calendaring, and document collaboration.


Legal departments, law firms and courts are not looking for a powerful and robust long-term solution that will solve immediate needs today and modernize how they get work done even after the COVID-19 outbreak subsides. One of the reasons that corporate legal departments, law firms and courts use LawToolBox with Microsoft Teams is that this combination amplifies the native collaboration features of Teams and Outlook with robust tools specifically designed for legal.


The new “virtual meeting” module adds to an impressive and growing list of other tools LawToolBox offers like assigning hearings to matters, delivering robust reports, integrating calendaring in Outlook powered by rules-based deadlines, streamlining file-sharing in SharePoint, daily on-boarding webinars, and linking to case management.  When you combine the native features of Microsoft Teams with LawToolBox, not only do you get a great LawToolBox dashboard for all the data and tools courts and attorneys need, but now you get a tool to easily and simply configure and manage breakout meetings.

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