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LawToolBox is aggressively building local bar association partnerships.  See also our recent ABA Webinar (American Bar Association Webinar: 4 Ways to Reduce Risk) and our ABA buyer’s guide catalog listing.

About LawToolBox
LawToolBox was designed in the late 90’s to help lawyers avoid missing deadlines, the number one cause of attorney malpractice claims.  LawToolBox helps protect attorneys from missing deadlines. Most attorneys and their staff generate deadlines based on each state and federal court’s rules of procedure by hand, then manually add those deadlines to their personal calendars and/or case management calendars.

LawToolBox uses its proprietary court rule-sets and custom rule-sets to power an agnostic deadline management system that works with all major platforms as well as any case management system that two-way syncs with Outlook or Google.

LawToolBox365 – Transforms Office 365 into Microsoft Office for Legal
With LawToolBox365, legal professionals can calculate state and federal court deadlines for their matters based on rules of procedure for each court from inside their Outlook or they can use build-your-own and off-the-shelf deadline templates for transactional, regulatory and specialty practice areas. Then users can add deadlines internally to team member Outlook calendars in Office 365; and externally to a client’s Google calendar, a witnesses’ Outlook 2010 calendar, or an expert’s iCal calendar.   See, 3-minute overview video and also see 4-minute new feature video which demonstrates new matter-based document folders, notes and shared inbox – all inside Office 365.

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