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LawToolBox transforms Microsoft 365 into a matter management solution for lawyers and courts

Our tools extend and amplify Microsoft 365, transforming it
into an enterprise-level solution for the legal industry.

a.     Rules-based deadline Engine (enter trigger date and calculate dependent deadlines)

b.     History of changes (who entered what deadline and when)

c.     Automatic tagging of calendar events (automatically marks deadlines with contextually relevant tags that can be used in search and report filtering)

d.     Customizing deadlines (add organization notes or always hiding specific deadlines)

e.     Calendared events are marked as trigger dates, deadlines and/or time-bound appointments

f.      Filter deadlines by trigger date (click on trigger date and quickly view all dependent deadlines)

g.     Matter analytics (how long does it typically take to get to trial in this venue?)

h.     Missed deadlines are the number source of malpractice claims

a.     Auto provision Group SharePoint site, create Team, and auto configure channels

b.     Apply templates (populate new matters with template folders and files)

c.     Save emails to Teams channels (enterprise), group shared inbox (gov cloud), or SharePoint folders & subfolders (law firms and legal departments)

d.     Access documents, files and folders from the LawToolBox addin for Outlook, the LawToolBox app for Teams or

e.     Access documents, file and folders using either the Teams app or the Groups mobile apps

f.      Leverage SharePoint file version control or checking files in or out

g.     Use the LawToolBox Virtual Meeting Module to enable clients or witnesses to securely share confidential exhibits and files of any size or number – to one or many

h.     Robust SharePoint search to look across your entire Office 365 tenant for key documents you have been given access to

i.      From Teams or SharePoint you can “Sync” the folders and files to OneDrive on your desktop (so you can work on your files either in the cloud or on your desktop)!

a.     Bulk upload of contacts (from admin portal)

b.     Add contacts from email you receive and use AI to find recent contacts

c.     Use tags to categorize people and organizations

d.     Find out every matter any contact has been associated with

e.     From inside a matter add extra tags and notes to a contact

f.      Use Matter tags to auto assemble attendee lists for virtual events

a.     Configure meeting templates with roles (LawToolBox can help you import meeting templates from our library) (law firms: client meeting, witness meeting, expert meetings) (courts: trial, hearings and breakout rooms based on the type of hearing or proceeding)

b.     Assign roles to matter contacts – then use matter contact roles to auto construct attendee lists for different types of meetings

c.     Email meeting dashboards to attendees

d.     Single click bulk creation of breakout rooms


a.     Auto create OneNote for any matter

b.     Save deadlines, analytics, contacts and more to OneNote from the matter

c.     Clause bank for drafting emails – create email templates to insert while drafting emails

LawToolBox Admin Portal & Configuration

a.     Buy LawToolBox user licenses direct from Microsoft AppSource or Partner Center

b.     Demo of transactable SaaS offer provisioning LawToolBox and Microsoft 365 together from Microsoft price list in their catalogue (video)

c.     Global admin can consent to permissions required by LawToolBox through an email link or by logging into admin portal

d.     Add or remove LawToolBox licenses from Microsoft marketplace in LawToolBox portal

e.     Bulk upload of users, or accelerate adding users one-at-a-time by mining user information from the Organization tenant in admin portal

f.      LawToolBox admins can review firm profile to analyze usage (total number of active and closed matters, number of recently opened and closed matters, and number of matters broken down by Ruleset, states, and user)

g.     LawToolBox admins can configure LawToolBox apps at an organization and/or user level to turn features on or off (users can pre-populate new matters with folder and file templates, users can save emails for gov cloud/enterprise/SMB firms, users can create Teams from LawToolBox, users can save files to SharePoint, users have to apply naming conventions when setting up a new matter, users can access contact management tool, users can be blocked from creating matters and virtual meetings, users can be blocked from accessing calendars, the group shared inbox, SharePoint folders)

h.     LawToolBox admins can audit alignment of LawToolBox matters and Microsoft 365 groups, and share and un-share any matter to any user in the organization

i.      LawToolBox admins can configure and set the channels that will be automatically created when a LawToolBox users creates a Microsoft 365 Team from the LawToolBox apps (then when a user opens LawToolBox in the Team created for that matter they will by default open the deadline chart for that matter so they don’t have to waste time navigating to the matter from the matter list.

j.      LawToolBox admins can bulk upload contacts if they are migrating from another matter management system, then they can manage contact tags and shared contacts

k.     LawToolBox admins can create pre-defined meetings and breakout rooms, so that end users can one-click create approved meetings at a moments notice (meetings are also associated with contact tags so that attendee lists for meetings can be automatically and instantly generated on the fly)

l.      LawToolBox admins can retrieve and download meeting or deadline date range reports by user, department or organization

m.   LawToolBox admins power secure data governance by configuring naming conventions to use in conjunction with Microsoft 365 Compliance Center

a.     LawToolBox admins can configure naming conventions for matter (define acceptable prefix and suffix)

b.     Leverage LawToolBox naming with Microsoft 365 Compliance Center for data governance

c.     LawToolBox has partnered with Microsoft to build tools on a secure, enterprise-grade platform

d.     LawToolBox protects client-data behind Microsoft 365 delegated permissions

LawToolBox makes it easy to manage your contacts within Microsoft 365 and your Outlook inbox. Stay organized and manage all of your clients, contacts, and relationships through our simple, easy-to-use contact management tools. Read more

Pre-populate new matters with files & folders from templates you build and update. Get your legal matters setup in one click. Populate your new matters with folders and files from your own set of custom templates. Read more

Save emails & file attachments to Outlook inbox. LawToolBox contact management enhances Outlook with powerful features and better tools to make managing contacts easier. Read more

Robust and powerful SEARCH of any file in your Microsoft 365 tenant to which you have access. Modern law firms and departments must solve how to best organize, locate and collaborate on huge amounts of data, documents and files. Read more

LawToolBox apps for Office 365, delegated permissions, and application permission. Learn about application permissions in the LawToolBox app. Read more

Protecting our client’s data is priority one. That’s why we’ve partnered with Microsoft to build our apps with enterprise-grade security. Read more

Microsoft 365 compliance center helps organizations to be organized and secure, and “naming conventions” are a key part of any successful governance strategy. Read more

LawToolBox has always been able to handle thousands of matters or cases for our clients, but over the past year we have been quietly making changes that have transformed LawToolBox into an enterprise platform. Read more

LawToolBox clients are experts in managing modern law firms and legal departments and litigating to win, IT professionals and Microsoft partners are experts at designing and building solutions to help them meet their needs, and Microsoft has the platform and ecosystem to deliver secure and familiar business solutions. Read more

Microsoft 365 for Legal

Access new tools and extended features inside your M365 tenant with our award-winning legal calendaring, matter management, and virtual court app for Office 365.


LawToolBox provides a robust set of features and tools that extend and amplify Microsoft 365, and transform it into an enterprise-level solution for the legal industry.

Our solutions enable legal professionals to get more done in less time with powerful tools built seamlessly into the interfaces they know use and everyday.

Empower your team with new capabilities inside your M365 tenant including a court date calculator, automated deadline calendaring, matter management in Outlook and Teams, and a virtual court solution brought to you in partnership with Microsoft, LawToolBox, and AVI-SPL including features from integration partners Adobe Sign and For The Record (FTR).

Law Firms
Save time, reduce risk, end malpractice. 

Stop calculating court dates manually and adding legal deadlines to calendars one at a time. LawToolBox365 provides a centralized deadline management solution that automates rules-based calendaring for 50 states. Get more done in less time with deadline and matter management inside Microsoft Outlook and Teams, 

Legal Departments
Lower costs, reduce inefficiencies, ensure compliance. 

Stop calculating court dates manually and adding legal deadlines to calendars one at a time. LawToolBox365 provides a centralized deadline management solution that automates rules-based calendaring for 50 states. Get more done in less time with deadline and matter management inside Microsoft Outlook and Teams, 

Simplify workflows, automate processes, reduce costs.

Microsoft, LawToolBox, and AVI-SPL, along with integration partners Adobe and FTR, deploy a virtual court solution for Microsoft Teams and hybrid courtrooms. Features include one-click custom breakout rooms, virtual lobby, evidence sharing, Adobe Sign, For the Record virtual recorder with live stream, certified Microsoft Teams devices and AV solutions, 24×7 participant meeting support, 3-day quick-start pilot, add to your Microsoft invoice, and more.

Simplify workflows, automate processes, reduce costs.

LawToolBox extend the virtual meetings capabilities of Microsoft Teams for government agencies to easily conduct virtual hearings and depositions, customize breakout rooms and then schedule in advance with shareable links, automatically compile attendee lists based on roles, and more. Leverage these capabilities in Outlook, Teams, and Sharepoint to invite outside participants to securely upload files in one click, and manage related documents, emails, and calendars.

Award-winning features for Outlook and Teams

Deadline Calendaring

Calculate rules-based legal deadlines and court dates in federal court and 50 states, then automatically sync to calendars or your case management platform with one-click.

Matter Management

Manage matter-based deadlines, email, calendar, docs, and notes directly in Outlook and Teams to simplify administrative tasks and get back more of your day.

Document Management

Enjoy easier document management and secure collaboration with a lean DMS directly in Outlook. Store, access, and share documents securely from anywhere

Virtual Court

Leverage breakout room libraries, automatic attendee lists, and advanced scheduling with shareable links for virtual court, hearings, and depositions in Microsoft Teams.

3-Day Quick Start Pilot for
Courts & Agencies


Enable new features in Microsoft Teams using LawToolBox for virtual court, hearings and depositions.

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