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Within the legal market, the LawToolBox focus on reducing the risk of missing a deadline differentiates it from other legal products.  The LawToolBox solution allows its customers to easily and methodically manage litigation, compliance and general legal deadlines with confidence – creating a cross-platform experience between Outlook, Teams and SharePoint or other document management products in Office 365.  See, Convert Outlook & Teams to Office for Legal (3 min).  In short, LawToolBox transforms Office 365 into Office for Legal.

The award-winning LawToolBox deadline and matter-management solution is available for purchase in three ways:  (1) by 75k distributors and Microsoft Partners through the Microsoft Partner Center CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) portal who can bundle in their own managed services and offers, (2) by 20k inside Microsoft field sales people through the internal Microsoft Quote Center, and (3) direct from Microsoft by law firms and legal departments on AppSource.  See Press Release. How you purchase LawToolBox in the new Microsoft commercial marketplace depends on who you are:

Scenario 1:  Law firms can get LawToolBox through their IT Person via their distributor or Microsoft’s Partner Center portal

  • This month LawToolBox and Microsoft announced that any distributor or MSP (Microsoft Partner “Managed Service Provider”) can discover, purchase and manage LawToolBox licenses for their law firm and legal department customers inside their existing Microsoft Partner Center portal in the same place and on the same invoice they manage their client’s Office 365 licenses.
  • For solutions like LawToolBox, Microsoft will “pay the channel a 10 percent incentive to sell marketplace publisher solutions with a transactable SaaS offer, and who participate in the IP co-sell program.”  See Microsoft Blog – Marketplace.
  • Get Started Today:  Microsoft distributers and MSPs can see transactable LawToolBox offers and pricing by logging into their Microsoft Partner Center portal and selecting “Marketplace” from the “Sell” drop-down menu (on the left navigation panel).  They can request info about margins, suggested services bundles they can add, partner programs, and how to schedule LawToolBox to demo for their customers.  Learn more

Scenario 2:  Legal Departments buy LawToolBox through Microsoft inside sales via Quote Center

  • LawToolBox is a transactable offer available in Quote Center for Microsoft inside account executives and other field sellers (20,000 in Microsoft today) and can be bundled with an MSP’s Teams adoption or other digital transformation services.
  • Microsoft is paying their inside salesforce to sell LawToolBox App for Teams and Outlook. Specifically, Microsoft account executive and field sellers can “retire quota for selling eligible partner solutions” like LawToolBox through the Teams IP Co-Sell program.  See Microsoft Blog – Marketplace.  
  • Get Started Today:  Microsoft field sellers and account executives can use LawToolBox demos for the legal department as a catalyst to launch modern collaboration, then they can use Teams to expand their footprint to other departments across the organization. Learn more

Scenario 3Law firms and legal departments who already buy O365 online from Microsoft can add LawToolBox to the same invoice via SaaS offer on AppSource

  • Legal Professionals and Inhouse IT can discover and purchase LawToolBox add-ins for Outlook and Teams via transactable SaaS Offers in AppSource and can manage LawToolBox licenses together with their Office 365 subscriptions all on one bill from Microsoft.  There are over 3000 add-ins and apps listed on AppSource, but LawToolBox is among the very first solutions that is a transactable SaaS Offer
  • Legal professionals can streamline and accelerate moving data to the cloud by working with services partners on the Microsoft commerce marketplace that have developed transactable services offers to configure and implement LawToolBox Office 365 for Outlook and/or Teams.
  • Get Started Today:  Law firms and legal departments can request info, start a dialogue, get pricing, schedule a demo, and/or begin a free trial.  Learn more

LawToolBox clients are experts in managing modern law firms and legal departments and litigating to win, IT professionals and Microsoft partners are experts at designing and building solutions to help them meet their needs, and Microsoft has the platform and ecosystem to deliver secure and familiar business solutions.  Combine all three of these ingredients together and you have all the critical pieces needed for a successful product launch in any organization. 

*Do you need to manage deadlines but you want it inside a practice management or time and billing solution?  Check out our amazing integrations with our legal solution partners.   Learn more 

Award 1st Place, Best SharePoint Solution  (2018)
Award 2nd Place, Best Microsoft Office Integration (2018) 
Award3rd Place, Most Business Value (2016)

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