Never miss a deadline


Use LawToolBox deadline calendaring in LEAP Legal Practice Productivity Solution

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Two-Way Sync with Outlook

Update your deadlines from anywhere.


Automated deadline calendaring

Add a deadline calculator and legal calendaring to LEAP

Amplify your practice management software with automated legal calendaring. Get rules-based deadlines directly within LEAP.

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Calculate deadlines in seconds

Instantly sync to your Outlook calendar

Seamlessly integrated within LEAP Desktop and LEAP Web, LawToolBox automates rule-based calendaring for matters in thousands of state and federal courts throughout the US.

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Eliminate human error

Set a trigger for associated deadlines

Select a Trigger (e.g., a deadline, such as a trial date) and the relevant deadlines associated with the chosen Trigger will be displayed.

Reduce risk of malpractice

Get updates when rules change

Prevent missed deadlines with automatic updates and notifications when court rules change. Enoy peace of mind knowing you have LawToolBox’s award-winning team constantly monitoring for changes to court rules on your behalf.

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What are the benefits of enabling electronic docketing in LEAP?

Eliminate human error

Manual deadline calendaring is risky and mistakes happen

Reduce risk of malpractice

Prevent missed deadlines and reduce risk of malpractice suits

Improve quality & consistency

LawToolBox deadline descriptions add clarity and consistency across all cases for users and firms, giving you the power to update your calendars for all your team members in a single click

Increase productivity

Automatic calendar entry saves you and your staff from wasting time with complex court date calculations and one-at-a-time deadline entry

Better client service

Easily access your practice management software from any browser or device.

Customize for your organization

You have the freedom to select the dates and deadlines you need in a single click, and the ability to modify dates and deadlines as needed

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