more than just rule-based dealdines …

View History of Changes

View who created, edited, moved a deadline, when they did it, how many times they changed the date/description, from what date, to what date (including wording changes).



LawToolBox users can modify each users permissions on a case.  Not ready to let someone edit deadlines quite yet? No problem! You can now set their account to “view only”.


Forms Libraries

We provide and easy-to-use tool to upload MS word documents to your own forms library, and then run those documents through our document assmebly system. It takes all of about 10 minutes to teach you everything you need to know. If you want to share your forms with other attorneys, you can publish them through LawToolBox for resale to other clients! Pretty cool …

Build Your Own Templates

Firms can create their own custom deadline templates to be used over and over to consistently calculate deadlines for similar type cases. For example, LawToolBox users can create mini-calculators for a judge’s standard scheduling order, an insurance adjusters status updates, a real estate attorneys transactional deadlines, and other reminders for unique practices.

Store Links

The group links and shared favorites feature is a simple and elegant solution that delivers a lot of value to our clients. Users can build and maintain libraries of links at the state, venue, firm and the case level. Its a great place to aggregate collective knowledge.

Document Assembly

We provide basic “search and replace” terms that can be inserted into any MS word document and uploaded to our forms library. Then, inside every matter you have, you can use our basic template to collect the matter-specific information that will be used to automatically populate your forms. For example, input case specific info such as plaintiff name, defendant name, case no., etc.; thereafter, users can modify info submitted to the forms template (such as when a new case number is assigned, or a new party enters an appearance).

Edit Deadlines to Reflect Orders

Users can edit deadlines to reflect orders and hide one or several deadlines by a single click.

Share Matters with Clients and Co-Counsel

Create an integrated docketing and information sharing system across multiple firms managing thousands of cases without configuring corporate software internally or requiring firms to install software.

Case Info

For each case you can collect information about the type of case, insurance, fees and costs, pre-trial reports, and post-trial reports. Then you can view reports that aggregate that information to give attorneys and administrators a birds eye view of this information by attorney, group, or firm.

Customize our Deadline Calculators for your Practice

You can overlay our rule-based deadlines with your own rule-based deadlines for your firm, practice, or clients (for example, add deadlines for a favorite judges’ scheduling order, insurance adjuster, or deadlines for specific practices like construction defect, medical malpractice, personal injury, etc.). Further, you can automatically omit deadlines that don’t apply.

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If an attorney leaves a firm, with the appropriate approval from the originating firm, those attorneys can take their cases with them to the new firm and not miss a beat!

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