“Together, Microsoft Office 365 and LawToolBox Court Deadlines enhance collaboration, automate litigation workflow, and increase productivity of legal professionals…We have been impressed by how fast LawToolBox has moved to leverage our new app model for Office and look forward to seeing future integrations with our legal-focused Office 365 initiatives.”

Nishan DeSilva, Senior Director, Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs  (August 18, 2014)


“LawToolBox is THE solution to our firm-wide calendaring and deadline management challenge! Seamlessly integrates with Time Matters.”

Donald L. Davis, Deputy General Counsel, Los Angeles Unified School District (LexisNexis Case Study on LawToolbox & Time Matters)


“This announcement further demonstrates how collaboration can lead to increased levels of efficiency and productivity with the right technology in the workplace. This tool will provide great opportunity for modern lawyers as they look to optimize their businesses in our increasingly digital world.”

Cindy Bates, VP of US SMB for Microsoft

“This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. This application is going to revolutionalize the practice of law in Colorado.”

Alan Molk, Esq

“I am pleased to report that we have successfully adapted the new rules of civil procedure changing almost all deadline calculations. LawToolBox has recalculated all of the deadlines accurately and has made the corresponding changes to our Outlook calendars. Our firm has experienced a seamless and painless transition while there are legal professionals all over Colorado scrambling this week to figure out the new dates, deadline by deadline and case by case. Thank you to the professionals at LawToolBox.”

Dennis Knight, Paralegal


“LawToolBox tells its users what they need to do, when they need to do it, and then it gives them the form to use when they need to get it done.” 

Gerald Sloat, Esq

“Purpose built software such as LawToolBox365—an add-in for Office 365 that automatically calculates state and federal court deadlines according to each court’s rules—helps legal professionals manage deadlines straight from their Outlook inbox. Attorneys then have more time to focus on the details that win cases, and law firms are better protected from litigation. It’s hard to argue with that ROI.”

Cindy Bates, Vice President US SMB and Distribution at Microsoft


“LawToolBox is a terrific new, Internet-based tool for litigators to manage and expedite their cases. While it would be very useful to every litigator, those with a heavy case volume would especially benefit, because this product will monitor active cases with user-defined reminders to assure that deadlines are met and that the case is handled as effectively as possible. The greatest benefit may exist for the general practitioner, or the infrequent litigator. With frequent changes to the rules or civil procedure, the forms required and even format of pleadings, this system will provide the ultimate checklist (complete with the appropriate document management created forms) to allow the general practitioner to handle litigation with both comfort and competency. Since the service is reasonably priced on a per case basis, no costly subscription commitment is required. They do offer a prepaid program which significantly reduces the per case cost and would probably be my recommendation for the heavy litigation firm. As always, I have no business connection with LawToolBox, but I was impressed — it might well be one of the very best new technology “products” for the lawyer (and his/her support staff) in a very long time.”

Dennis Knight, Paralegal



““We are pleased to partner with LawToolBox to build out complementary cloud solutions that empower our channel partners to differentiate their offerings while effectively serving their key industry verticals.  Through the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, channel partners can seamlessly attach LawToolBox365 to Office 365 and offer a solution that helps manage deadlines and improve productivity for their clients in the legal space.”

Tarik Faouzi, vice president Global Cloud Partners and Solutions, Ingram Micro



“LawToolBox is a godsend! Finally, an internet product which synthesizes the many daily functions a practitioner performs to effectively handle a case. The foremost benefit of my personal LawToolBox is its sophisticated calendar which accurately interprets court rules and other pertinent data and calculates all deadlines for my cases. LawToolBox automatically sends an email reminder of upcoming deadlines. This function alone has saved me countless hours of wrestling with the rules of civil procedure and case management orders. I have quickly come to rely on LawToolBox for all phases of litigation.”

Griff Kundahl, Esq.



“We absolutely love it . . . We can’t say enough about how pleased we are with this service. The deadline chart, proposed pleadings and personal service we have received is far in excess of what we expected. We definitely plan to continue using LawToolBox with our other cases … Thanks for such a wonderful service.”

Jill Weberg, Paralegal




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