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Use shared workspaces to boost your productivity. Automatically create a shared inbox, document folder structure, calendar, and notebook for each matter in Microsoft 365.

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Add a deadline calculator and legal calendaring to leading Document Management Systems

Amplify your existing DMS with an automated legal calendaring integration. Get rules-based deadlines synced to your calendar instantly and manage files across your DMS, inbox, and calendar with NetDocs, iManage, and others.

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Store, access, and share documents securely from anywhere

Get work done from anywhere with simple administration and an easy-to-use interface built directly in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook. Easily access everything from the cloud or your desktop.

Microsoft Office 365 Add-In

Save emails to matters in Outlook

Organize all of your emails, files, notes, and deadlines by matter across M365 apps. Work entirely inside Microsoft 365 on a secure enterprise-grade platform.

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Works with Windows and Mac

LawToolbox is a cloud-based app so you can work anywhere from any device.

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Transform Microsoft 365 into a DMS for legal

Access from anywhere

Easily access matter folders and files from Outlook and Teams, any browser, or your phone.

Share confidential documents

Enable clients or witnesses to securely share confidential exhibits and information

Manage files from Outlook

Save emails and documents to Teams and SharePoint

Automated folder structures

Use templates to provision practice specific folders and files for new matters

Expanded file search

Search across your entire Office 365 tenant for key documents you've received

Track history of changes

Leverage SharePoint file version control and check files in or out

Automated Microsoft Teams channels

Automatically create channels when you provision a Team for your matter

Integrate with your legacy software

Configure with third-party solutions like NetDocs

Make your work easier in seconds

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The #1 legal add-in for Micosoft 365 with best-in-class deadlines

Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Finalist for LawToolBox Deadline Calculator and Court Date Calendaring, on matter management page.

2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist
Discover why Microsoft awarded LawToolBox "Best Integration," "Best SharePoint Solution," and "Best Business Value."

“This announcement further demonstrates how collaboration can lead to increased levels of efficiency and productivity with the right technology in the workplace. This tool will provide great opportunity for modern lawyers as they look to optimize their businesses in our increasingly digital world.”

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Cindy Bates
VP of US SMB for Microsoft

“Together, Microsoft Office 365 and LawToolBox enhance collaboration, automate litigation workflow, and increase productivity of legal professionals…We have been impressed by how fast LawToolBox has moved to leverage our new app model for Office and look forward to seeing future integrations with our legal-focused Office 365 initiatives.”

Microsoft logo on LawToolBox matter management page.

Nishan DeSilva
Senior Director, Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs

LawToolBox deadline calculator won the Best Integration award in the Microsoft Office Category of the 2018 Office App awards for matter management

Document Management System (DMS) for Legal

What is a document management system and what are the benefits for law firms?

A document management system, also referred to as DMS, is software that simplifies how documents are stored and shared in an organization. Most law firms have a difficult time managing documents and client information. This can lead to missed deadlines, lost or misplaced files, and increased costs. So, it's no wonder that many lawyers are looking for document management systems (DMS) as the solution to their problems. A DMS helps lawyers manage their firm's workflow by organizing all of the company's data in one place - including electronic documents, emails, calendars, tasks, and more.

What are the benefits of using an electronic document management system?

The answer is simple: you will be able to reduce your cost per unit by saving money on filing cabinets and paper storage; increase productivity by having an automated workflow process; meet deadlines with ease because everything will be organized in one system; and access files from anywhere with an internet connection.

Features of a document management system

There are several features of DMS that make it easier for lawyers to manage their time, including a user-friendly interface and customizable workflows to automate the processing of documents through your law firm's workflow process. DMS will typically have permission control to ensure only authorized users have access to certain files or folders. And, version control to track who changed a document and when.

Why should law firms use electronic document management software?

If you are looking for the best software solution for your law firm, consider document management systems (DMS). They provide an intuitive way to organize all of your work in one place, which reduces costs while also helping lawyers manage their time more effectively - leading to greater success at the firm.

In order to be successful in the business of law, you must have a good document management system. These systems help attorneys organize their work and save time with automated workflow functions that allow documents to be routed from one individual or team to the next in a particular order while maintaining an audit trail of all actions taken on each file.

What is an Enterprise Document Management System?

An enterprise document management system is software that allows an organization to manage all of its documents in one place, including electronic files and paper documentation. Moreover, a DMS can improve the way your company's legal department operates by reducing costs, increasing productivity, improving collaboration with clients/partners/outside counsel (etc.), and more.

How is an enterprise DMS different than a traditional DMS?

An enterprise DMS is different from a traditional system in the following ways:

The software can be integrated with other systems your legal department uses, such as practice management or accounting. It also allows you to create custom workflows for specific tasks within law firms (such as creating new client files). For more information on using LawToolBox as a cloud-based, enterprise document management system, contact us!

How to use Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook, and Teams as a Document Management System?

LawToolBox add-in for Microsoft 365 transforms your Microsoft Office software into a lean document management system. The DMS provides a convenient way of organizing and documenting communications between employees.

LawToolBox has transformed its popular SharePoint add-in into a full-blown document management system for lawyers by integrating all aspects of document and email management into Microsoft Office. Of course, Microsoft Teams is an excellent platform for team collaboration. But with the right tools, you can also use it as your very own legal document management system (DMS).

With LawToolBox for M365, you can unlock powerful features such as:

  1. Users can manage files from Outlook: access a new panel in your Outlook inbox to create legal matters, onboard clients, create and edit deadlines, reply to messages in Teams, and more.
  2. Drag and drop files from Outlook to a SharePoint site for easy uploading: LawToolBox enables a Dropbox-like experience in M365 for intuitive file uploading and sharing.
  3. Save and share emails: easily save emails, attachments, and files to specific matters for centralized, searchable document management.
  4. Share confidential documents: allow clients, co-counsel, witnesses to easily share confidential exhibits and information without needing guest access.
  5. Create automated folder structures: automatically create templated, practice-specific folder structures when you provision a new matter.
  6. Expand file search across your entire M365 tenant: boost the native search function in M365 and empower your organization with robust search across your ENTIRE tenant for any document, file, email, etc.
  7. Automatically create Microsoft Teams channels for each matter: when using LawToolBox to manage matters and documents, you can instantly create a new Team for each matter to centralize communications and create a shared document repository.
  8. Leverage SharePoint version control: make sure there's no overlap or confusion with check-in and check-out capabilities to ensure consistency among file versions with SharePoint's native version control functionality.
  9. Track history of changes: see who worked on what and when with an entire history of changes across files.

LawToolBox calendaring in NetDocs Document Management System

Automated calendaring and rules-based deadlines can be used inside NetDocs, a leading DMS for law firms.

LawToolBox is a calendaring system that works seamlessly with NetDocs document management system. Importantly, law firms can use this integration to put deadlines in their document management software and have the ability to track those end dates from one central place. In NetDocs, you can also create tasks or milestones for any document stored within your DMS. Allowing deadlines to show up in NetDocs means that they will always be right where you need them. You can also keep track of the due date for any document stored within your DMS.  LawToolBox allows lawyers and paralegals to easily see what documents are coming due, when they're due, and who has them, all from one place. This makes it easier to manage the flow of documents through your firm.

LawToolBox deadline calendaring in iManage Document Management System

iManage document management system is another leading DMS that is popular among lawyers and paralegals for centralized, firm-wide document management.

And, with LawToolBox deadlines and automated legal calendaring inside iManage DMS, lawyers and paralegals can quickly see deadlines for active cases, projects, tasks, or other activities.

Also, lawyers have the ability to add an unlimited number of custom searches using a variety of criteria such as date range or keywords. And, the search results show any documents that contain all the words in the query along with their version history showing who

LawToolBox deadline calendaring in Worldox Document Management System

With Worldox DMS, your law office will be more efficient and effective by using a cloud-based DMS. This document management software is flexible to adapt to your firm’s needs, whether you have one lawyer or multiple offices across the country. With Worldox DMS, lawyers can access client files from anywhere on any device including desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

In addition, Worldox DMS has a monthly subscription model with no long-term contracts required for lawyers and paralegals in law firms. So, this means your firm can upgrade or downgrade as needed, without incurring large costs associated with expensive software licenses. Other features of the cloud-based document management system include cloud storage, metadata tagging, and workflow management.

Using LawToolBox automated legal calendaring inside Worldox document management system, lawyers and paralegals in law firms can easily automate calendaring tasks, reducing manual efforts and increasing efficiency.

With LawToolBox inside Worldox, rules-based deadlines can be automatically calculated and added to calendars on any platform. And with synchronization to Worldox, law firms and legal departments can manage documents and deadlines from one centralized software suite.

Hosted DMS vs. On-Site DMS

Importantly, DMS comes in two different flavors: hosted and on-site. Of course, both types of software have the same core features, such as automated workflows, document templates, and search functions that allow you to quickly find documents when needed. However, there are some benefits inherent to each type that attorneys should consider before choosing a system for their firm.

Benefits of a hosted DMS

Notably, hosted DMS are unique in that they are cloud-based, hosted on the vendor's servers. So, this means that there is no hardware to install or maintain and it can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Many of these systems also allow for multiple users so you can designate specific permissions to individual employees depending upon their job responsibilities within your law firm.

Benefits of an on-site DMS

In contrast, on-site DMS are different from hosted DMS because they are installed on your own computer network. Meaning, that the system only runs when connected to the office's local area network (LAN). Interestingly, on-site systems can store more documents than their hosted counterparts, however, they also take up physical space and require some technical skills for installation and maintenance.

Benefits of a DMS for law firms and legal departments

Although it is important to be aware of what each type of DMS has to offer, there are some benefits that apply to both types of software. These include:

- Better organization and management of documents inside your law firm's network

- Improved document security by storing all electronic files in one secure location

- The ability for multiple employees within a single law firm to access the same system simultaneously from their own workstations

- Automatic workflow functions that allow documents to be routed from one individual or team to the next in a particular order while maintaining an audit trail of all actions taken on each file

- The ability for document management software to integrate with other popular office productivity tools, such as email and word processing applications.

Summary of benefits

In conclusion, there are many benefits provided by the use of document management systems for law firms, including:

- Allow you and other employees in the firm to find documents quickly (including archived items)

- Increase collaboration between attorneys/paralegals by making it easy for everyone at the organization to access important files from any location.

- Improve search capabilities that allow you to find documents quickly and easily

- Lower costs associated with storing paper files (especially if your law firm is running out of space)

They are easy to install and maintain, provide greater security than legacy paper filing methods, allow multiple users to access files simultaneously from different locations, and can be integrated with other software that is widely used in most offices today. By using DMS at your firm, you will not only save time but also money.

Why use LawToolBox as a DMS or connect your DMS to LawToolBox deadlines?

For law firms, document management systems (DMS) are a great way to keep up with the ever-growing amount of information that they need to store and manage. Truly, one of the most important things in any business is efficiency. And, DMS software can help your firm become more efficient by making it easier to find documents and share them internally or externally.

It can be challenging to manage all of your documents, from e-mail attachments and scanned copies, to electronic versions of case files. This is especially true for law firms where there are thousands or even hundreds of thousands of documents on any given day. Law firms need a document management system that will help them organize their documents for easier access and more efficient workflow.

Using LawToolBox legal calendaring inside your DMS

If you're already using a document management system, you might be able to add LawToolBox deadline calendaring to your existing software.

LTB integrates with leading DMS like NetDocs and iManage. So you use our patented deadline calculator to automate legal calendaring within your DMS. Or you can use the robust matter management features in LawToolBox to transform Microsoft Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive into a lean DMS for legal.

With LawToolBox, you can transform M365 into a lean DMS by adding legal calendaring features to Microsoft Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

LawToolBox makes it easy for you to use deadlines inside your DMS. Our patented deadline calculator automatically calculates dates based on documents' due-in dates or filing dates. You can also build custom workflows that trigger action items within the context of the system. You can even share deadlines with clients - or other people inside your law firm.

Why connect LawToolBox to a DMS?

It saves time and money because it eliminates the need for double entry of data across disparate systems. It also integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive - plus many more! This means you can use one powerful system for all of your legal calendaring, matter management, and document collaboration needs. And with our M365 app version, that means any device - even a smartphone or tablet!

Remember: we support NetDocs, iManage, and other DMS integration so you don't have to learn new software. We also provide complete training and support. And we have a free trial to help you get started!


In conclusion, document management systems are perfect for law firms because they allow them to organize their many documents in an efficient manner while also giving users the ability to access information from anywhere on any device. By using DMS software, law firms will be able to save time and money, while also increasing their overall efficiency.

To learn more about LawToolBox deadlines inside your DMS or to connect your system, contact us or schedule a demo today!

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