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Law firms using Time Matters can now activate LawToolBox rules-based calendaring for courts and administrative deadlines, documents, external file-share and Microsoft Teams collaboration

  • Get definitive court deadlines from LawToolBox in Time Matters.
  • Enable automated rule changes, custom reporting, court rule customization, email reminders, audit trail, and customizable deadline templates.
  • Track critical case dates, including orders, appearances, and deadlines driven by cases, rules, and case management orders.
  • Sync updated deadlines and appearances in LawToolBox to weekly docketing reports, custom reports, email reminders, and calendars for users assigned to the case.


These are the requirements for advanced docketing with Time Matters using LawToolBox:

· Time Matters 2021 is required.
· Exchange Synchronization for Time Matters 2021 is required. Each Time Matters user who will be using LawToolBox must be added to Configuration Utility for Exchange Synchronization. For more information, see Exchange Synchronization.
· AMP Membership for Time Matters. Your membership must be current to take advantage of the integration with LawToolBox.
· LawToolBox account and user licenses. Your firm must create a LawToolBox account and purchase a LawToolBox license for each Time Matters user accessing LawToolBox functionality.
· Microsoft 365 account is required for each LawToolBox user you will sync.
· LawToolBox requires you to enter a matter number (MatterNo field) from Time Matters into LawToolBox.
· Unique matter numbers in Time Matters. LawToolBox relies on the MatterNo field in Time Matters to differentiate data synchronization among matters.        For this reason, you should take care to be sure the MatterNo field can only contain unique values. This can be done in Time Matters by implementing automatic matter numbering.


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