WORKING REMOTELY DURING COVID-19 OUTBREAK For the past 3 years, LawToolBox has been a pioneer helping law firms and corporate legal departments use a combination of LawToolBox and Microsoft Teams to run their law practices   See 3-min video: LawToolBox Matter Management in Teams.   Our mission during the outbreak is to get law firms up and running and working remotely using a combination of LawToolBox and Microsoft Teams:

 – Teams – Outlook – Courts* WEBINAR 1   (11-11:30 am CT, Daily)
Get Your Entire Team Working Effectively from Home on LawToolBox & Microsoft Teams by Tomorrow – RSVP*

WEBINAR 2  (12-12:30 pm CT, Daily)
On-boarding Workshop – Adding Matter Management inside Teams and Outlook – RSVP*

WEBINAR 3  (1-1:30 pm CT, Daily)
Matter Management and Collaboration in Teams and Outlook – RSVP*

WEBINAR 4   (2:00-2:30 am CT, Daily)
Courts & Attorneys – Virtual Meetings in Teams with Breakout Rooms for ADR, Depos, Rule 26f Meetings & Hearings – RSVP*

WEBINAR 5  (2:30-3:00 pm CT, Daily)
Document Management and LawToolBox Configuration Options with Instant File-share for client intake – RSVP*

WEBINAR 6   (3:30-4:00 am CT, Daily)
Consultants & Microsoft Partners – LawToolBox Partner Program for Office 365 & Practice Management – RSVP

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Teams On-boarding Specialist Will Schedule 10-minute Discovery Call

Need Help? If your firm needs financial assistance, we will waive on-boarding LawToolBox on-boarding fees, and will make case-by-case efforts to discount, reduce and/or eliminate costs through Microsoft Partners with a quick start work from home program.

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