LawToolBox Makes it Easy to Manage your Contacts within Microsoft 365 and your Inbox

LawToolBox contact management in Microsoft Office 365

Stay organized and manage all of your clients, contacts, and relationships through our simple, easy-to-use, powerful, contact management tools.

1. Bulk upload of contacts.

Bringing over contacts from another contact management system?  From our admin portal you can do a bulk upload of contacts to pick up in LawToolBox where you left off in your old system:

LawToolBox contact management bulk upload of contacts in Office 365

2. Easily add contacts from emails.

For a contact management system to work for you, it needs to be easy to quickly add new contacts.  Want to add contacts from an email you just received?  LawToolBox has turned it into a one-click process.  With another click you can also us AI to find and add people with whom you frequently interact:


3. Use tags to categorize people and organizations.

Create your own tags and use them to categorize your contacts however is most useful.  Use one tag to identify people in your organization, then use another tag to mark that person as an attorney, or a client, or …


4. Find out every matter they have been associated with.

Instead of searching through your inbox or old case files, with one-click you can easily find out every matter this contact has been associated with:


5. From inside a matter add extra tags and notes to a contact

Any contact added at the organization level can be added to a matter, any since the roles of different people can vary from case-to-case, LawToolBox has added the ability to add matter-specific tags and notes to any matter contact!


6. Use Matter tags to auto assemble attendee lists for virtual events

This is seriously powerful, especially in the post-COVID world of non-stop virtual meetings.  Once you have created your matter list and assigned roles (tags), you can automatically create events and breakout rooms with one click.  This ELIMINATES human error when setting up your virtual events, meetings, hearings and more ….


Because it is simple and easy-to-use, the LawToolBox contact management system can be used by anyone out-of-the-box.  We’re looking forward to exceeding your expectations!

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