As the practice of law and court hearings has adapted to working remotely in our new reality, the ability to share files securely is critical. If your organization already owns or is migrating to Office 365, LawToolBox has developed a seamless one-click file-sharing mechanism built on top of Microsoft’s security-hardened SharePoint and Teams platform.

This simple and easy-to-use file share is part of the LawToolBox virtual meeting module, and enables the secure sharing of a large number of files, as well as large files (including videos):

(1) create an office 365 matter using LawToolBox

(2) use LawToolBox to create a virtual meeting

(3) add the person as an attendee to the meeting

(4) click “File Share” next to attendees name

The person outside your organization who wants to share files with you will receive an email that will walk them through a process of securely uploading files to a protected folder for that matter in your Microsoft Teams.

Once the person sharing files has navigated through the multi-factor authentication, they can upload files to a segregated folder LawToolBox has created just for them:

The uses for this tool include: meeting new clients who needs to share confidential documents, Rule 26(f) meetings with opposing counsel, conferring prior to filing a motion, settlement conferences, depositions, and even court hearings. The LawToolBox rules-based deadline system will generate deadlines for these events, then use our virtual meeting module to manage the meeting and file-sharing process!

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