LawToolBox Court Deadlines for
Microsoft® Outlook (2010+)

LawToolBox court deadlines for Outlook 2010+!

  • LawToolBox court rule-based deadlines and appearances automatically appear in Outlook 2010+
  • In additional to synchronizing deadlines to Outlook, users can also select some or all deadlines to be added or updated Outlook, Google, iCal and Lotus Notes for either internal and/or external parties involved in each case.
  • LawToolBox gives Outlook users a robust docketing system: automated rule changes, custom reporting, customization of court rules, email reminders, audit trail, build your own deadline templates and more!
  • LawToolBox docketing system tracks every date going on in cases including: rule-driven deadlines, case management orders driven deadlines, case specific deadlines, orders, appearances etc.
  • As you docket deadlines and appearances in LawToolBox, these items update everywhere, including in (i) weekly docketing reports (by attorney, paralegal, group and/or firm), (ii) custom reports, (iii) email reminders, and (iv) calendars for users assigned to case.

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Deadlines. Anyway way you want them. Secure.

» Rule changes reflected automatically                                     » Build your own deadline templates
» Customize to rule-sets for your practice                                » Edit deadlines to reflect orders
» Hide one or many deadlines, single click                               » Create custom reports in minutes
» Email reminders with links to authority                                 » View history, who edited what when
» Permission allow view or edit access                                      » Anyone can learn how to use in minutes!


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