Amendments were made to the California Rules of Court (CRC) effective August 4, 2023. The changes were made to extend the suspension of CRC 3.670 (Telephonic Appearance) and keep CRC 3.672 (Remote Proceedings) active in its place. The suspension of CRC 3.670 will continue through January 1, 2026 unless changes are authorized in the interim.  

Additionally, the August 4th CRC amendments clarify which proceedings are subject to CRC 3.672 in lieu of CRC 3.670. Per the updated language, all civil proceedings that are subject to Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) 367.75 are governed by the remote proceeding rules of CRC 3.672, while proceedings covered under CCP 367.76 or Welfare and Institutions Code 679.5 are not governed by CRC 3.672.  

Similarly, the telephone appearance provisions under Family and Juvenile Rules (Title 5) are suspended until January 1, 2026 and the remote appearance rules of CRC 3.672 or other sections as indicated in the rule text apply instead.  

The amendments to the California Rules of Court can be found here. Click on the links to view the full text of the California Rules of Court and Code of Civil Procedure. 

Written by Belinda Paredes, Esq.

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