Were you shocked by your new Compulaw bill?  While LawToolBox is offering COVID relief to firms in crisis, we’ve heard from many of our new customers that the prices of our competitors are skyrocketing. 

LawToolBox has a library of legal deadline rule-sets that automate timelines based on the applicable rules of procedure.  These deadline tools help address the risk of malpractice and can be accessed from our award-winning apps for Office 365, or from inside one of our integration partners solutions.  To calculate deadlines an end-user sets up a matter in LawToolBox and selects an applicable rule-set like “Los Angeles Superior Court”, and then the end-user selects a trigger from a list for that specific rule-set like the “Date Trial Commences.” Then LawToolBox will take the applicable date and run it through its system to generate – for this example – over 60+ deadlines that account for local rules and applicable court holidays. LawToolBox (1) calculates deadlines, (2) creates reminders of each upcoming deadlines, (3) generates reports by case, user, group, or firm, and (4) synchronizes deadlines to the users calendaring software.  2 min video.

Our experts review rules of procedure and build the first version of a deadline calculator, the legal content team moves the product to production for use by clients, and then our deadlines become even better because it incorporates the feedback of our client base which includes the best legal minds in the world. We monitor court websites for rule changes and our legal team reviews any alerts every morning to determine if modifications need to be made to any ruleset. This process aggregates the mindshare of our the courts system and our client base and is part of an organic and ongoing process to constantly improve our library of deadline rulesets.

Our products also lead the charge when it comes to virtual meetings, managing contacts, and document management. We want to make life easier for attorneys and help them get the most out of their current technology systems.  Want to learn more?  Call us at 1-888-958-6657, send us an email, or join one of our awesome webinars!

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