Enterprise-Level Email Reminder Upgrade
LawToolBox Emails, SendGrid, and Reverse DNS Lookup     

LawToolBox sends out many emails to our clients including emails reminders and calendar invites in the form of ICS files.  Azure does not allow us to emails directly from their servers but instead recommend an enterprise platform for sending emails through a third-party provider called SendGrid.  See also, Microsoft documentation on SendGrid, and SendGrid Security Statement.

LawToolBox Azure servers are located on the Microsoft cloud databank on the US Central TimeZone.  But for purposes of sending emails through SendGrid LawToolBox has procured 3 dedicated IP addresses:,, .  SendGrid is headquartered in Denver Colorado, and these servers hosting these three email IP addresses are located in Denver, Colorado;


These IP addresses are unique to LawToolBox and are not part of any pooled IP marketing group where other organizations can send using these IP addresses (pooled IP’s can allow someone else to send under the same IP and harm your email reputation).

To increase the probability of our emails making it to clients with this new email methodology, we have also implement the following reverse DNS lookup recommended by SendGrid:


When we follow this reverse DNS procedure it results in the following records being generated:


This approach to sending email reminders provides an enterprise-class email reminder system for our growing government-cloud and legal department customer base.

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