Expanded Availability of Judges' Rules
in LawToolBox Matters

By Jessica Myers, Esq.

LawToolBox is expanding the availability of Judges’ Rules as part of our effort to continue improving our comprehensive database of rule sets. We have integrated the Judges’ Rules so they seamlessly overlap with the original civil rule-set making it easier to reference both rule-sets at the same time, in turn, maximizing our client’s time. For law firms practicing in California we offer the following Judges’ Rules rule-sets:

  • US Federal – CA USDC Central (Judge Fernando L. Aenlle-Rocha)
  • US Federal – CA USDC Central (Judge David O. Carter)
  • US Federal – CA USDC Central (Judge R. Gary Klausner)
  • US Federal – CA USDC Central (Judge Alka Sagar)
  • US Federal – CA USDC Central (Judge James V. Selna)
  • US Federal – CA USDC Central (Judge George H. Wu)
  • US Federal – CA USDC Northern (Judge Edward M. Chen)
  • CA State – Superior Court – Civil (Judge Richard Y. Lee: Orange)

We look forward to the continuing expansion of our database to ensure that we are delivering the best rule-set content to our clients, and appreciate any feedback our clients have as to judge’s rules they would like us to put in our queue.

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