Firm Central Shutting Down

Thomson Reuters has decided to shut down its Firm Central law practice management software and will stop supporting the product after Sept. 30, 2024. As a result, many firms that used Firm Central with Deadline Assistant to calculate rules-based deadlines for their litigation matters now need a new path forward.

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LawToolBox offers two different alternatives to Firm Central

Legal professionals have relied on the cloud-based LawToolBox proprietary rules-based deadline library for over 25 years to automatically calculate deadlines for litigation, transactional, and administrative matters, with access to thousands of rulesets for 50 states and countries worldwide.

LawToolBox for Microsoft 365  

This modern app integrates rules-based calendaring in Outlook and Microsoft Teams and helps legal professionals worldwide manage deadlines with ease and efficiency. This award-winning solution lets law firms easily manage their matter-based deadlines, email, calendar, docs, and notes within the Microsoft ecosystem. LawToolBox automatically creates a Microsoft calendar, document folders, and more inside Microsoft 365 for each new matter. Additionally, our valuable partners at Centerbase, Soluno, SurePoint, and more coming soon use this approach. It also enables law firms to leverage DMS through Epona, iManage, Netdocuments, and SharePoint.

LawToolBox Deadlines for Integration Partners 

Many case management solutions integrate rules-based deadlines from LawToolBox within their systems in an approach where LawToolBox disappears into the background as their partners use an API to calculate rules-based deadlines and then add them to their native calendars. Our valuable partners at Actionstep, Caret, Centerbase, LEAP, MyCase, Neos, Practice Panther, Rocket Matter, and Smokeball use this approach.

LawToolBox Special Offer for Migrating Firm Central Users

Firm Central is shutting down, and LawToolBox can help with the transition from Firm Central to LawToolBox for Microsoft 365, or any of the LawToolBox practice management calendaring partners. Firm Central and Deadline Assistant subscribers can contact the LawToolBox transition team at to access our transition introductory offers and learn more.

As part of the transition, Firm Central subscribers who use Microsoft 365 for Legal can add LawToolBox for Legal to their Microsoft subscription and get 3 months free access to LawToolBox AI for law firms. LawToolBox platform for legal not only replaces Firm Central but also Thompson Reuters’s Deadline Assistant.

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