Los Angeles County Superior Court's
Personal Injury Hub Courtrooms are Closing

by Jessica Myers, Esq.

Los Angeles County Superior Court’s will gradually close the Personal Injury (PI) Hub courtrooms and return PI cases to the local district courts where the incident occurred. The number of PI Hub courts will be reduced, reclassified as Independent Calendar (IC) courts, until all the PI Hub courtrooms are effectively closed. This process will occur in a phased transition and will become effective on October 10th.

• Unless otherwise ordered, all pending cases remain where they are assigned.

• All newly filed PI cases, as defined in Los Angeles County Local Rules, rule 2.3, shall be filed in IC courtrooms in the judicial district where the incident arose.

• All newly filed PI cases assigned to the Central District shall be assigned to a Personal Injury Hub court unless the case type is one of the following:

  • 2401 Product Liability (not asbestos or toxic/environmental)
  • 2402 Product Liability — Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (Civil Code, 9 sections 1790-1795.8) (Lemon Law)
  • 2305 Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse and Claims Against Skilled Nursing Facility
  • 2306 Intentional Conduct -Sexual Abuse Case (in any form)
  • 2308 Landlord -Tenant Habitability (e.g., bed bugs, mold, etc.)
  • 4501 Medical Malpractice -Physicians & Surgeons
  • 4502 Other Professional Health Care Malpractice


These cases will be assigned to Independent Calendar Courts which will handle such cases for all purposes, including trial.

The Superior Court of California, in and for the County of Los Angeles (Superior Court, Los Angeles County), hereby suspends the following Los Angeles County Court Rules pending the adoption of revisions that reflect the changes in the filing of Personal Injury (PI) cases filed on or after October 10, 2022. During suspension of these rules, the filing of new PI cases will be governed by the Eighth Amended Standing Order for Procedures in the Personal Injury Courts – Central District.

1. Local Rule 2.3(a)(1)(A)

2. Local Rule 2.3(a)(1)(B)

3. Local Rule 2.3(a)(2)(A)

4. Local Rule 3.23

5. Local Rule 3.24

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