LawToolBox for Corporate Legal Departments

LawToolBox provides legal departments with enterprise software that allows them to fully leverage their investment in Microsoft 365, to build best-of-breed solutions that interact seamlessly, and to better run their business and make data driven decisions.  LawToolBox helps set your organization up for success by eliminating wasted energy, managing time efficiently, aggregating knowledge, and leveraging the experience you have developed over your prior experience. To this end, LawToolBox empowers corporate attorneys and legal professionals to auto provision new matters and projects and amplify each Microsoft resource with tools that streamline and make their day-to-day tasks more efficient. 

Security & Enterprise

LawToolBox is built on the Microsoft 365 platform, which is an enterprise platform Microsoft spends over $1 billion per year defending, and w=that is relied on by the biggest organizations on the world.  Our deep integration allows end-users to buy LawToolBox on Microsoft paper, from the commercial marketplace in AppSource and or Microsoft Azure.  LawToolBox has long been co-sell ready, was recently promoted to a TOP TIER MICROSOFT PARTNER.  Further, an organizations MACC (Microsoft Azure Consumption Credits) can be used to purchase LawToolBox instead of adding a new line item to your invoices.

Data Governance

When you start a new case, you can jump start your productivity by managing data governance, controlling data sprawl, one-click provisioning of your new matter with practice specific folders and files, and setting up practice specific Microsoft Team with custom channels, Bots and Tabs.  Organizations concerned with data sprawl can activate our data governance group naming feature, where IT can define group naming policies (human resources, litigation, operations, etc.).  If your organization uses LawToolBox to enforce “naming conventions” when creating a new matter, you can easily manage retention periods to conform with internal policies, and state and federal laws.

Amplifying Microsoft 365 for Corporate Legal

When you create a new M365 matter using LawToolBox, here are just a few of the benefits:

1. Microsoft Asset Auto-Provisioned: LawToolBox auto creates a new Group & Outlook calendar for the new matter

How LawToolBox Amplifies the Asset:

  • Rules-based calculators auto create calendar events and add them to end-users’ calendars
  • Users can link DMS files to any deadline or calendar event
  • LawToolBox creates a history of who edited what deadline and when


2. Microsoft Asset Auto-Provisioned: LawToolBox creates a SharePoint site for working on and storing folders and files

How LawToolBox Amplifies the Asset:

  • Instead of starting with a blank site, LawToolBox has tools to auto provision the new SharePoint site with customized and structured folders and files that the end-users completely control
  • Users can search the entire SharePoint site for non-structed data
  • Users can easily share any folder or subfolder with external people without adding them as a guest to a group or Microsoft Team


3. Microsoft Asset Auto-Provisioned: With LawToolBox, users can create a Team associated with the new matter

How LawToolBox Amplifies the Asset:

  • An admin for the firm can pre-configure different types of configurations for new teams.  When the end user creates an MS Team for “contracts” LawToolBox will provision the New Team with custom channels, apps and tabs.
  • The end user can use LawToolBox to jump directly to the associated matter from the outlook inbox
  • When you open the “LawToolBox tab” in a MS Team, the user jumps directly to that matter.
  • The admin for the firm can schedule LawToolBox to “push” notifications of upcoming deadlines for the next week to any end-users 1:1 chat

4. Microsoft Asset Auto-Provisioned: Users can use LawToolBox to create a OneNote associated with the new matter

How LawToolBox Amplifies the Asset:

  • Scheduled for release in Q1 of 2023, the end-user will be able to select a OneNote template from another M365 matter to configure the new OneNote with desired tabs and content.
  • Deadlines, reports, analytics and more can be saved directly from LawToolBox to the matter’s OneNote

LawToolBox automates rules-based calendaring 

The unique anchor of LawToolBox has always been our proprietary library of rules-based deadlines –built by licensed LawToolBox attorneys — that address and mitigate the risk of missed deadlines. Corporate legal can use LawToolBox to create a methodical approach to managing NDAs, contract deadlines, lease expiration notifications, and of course, litigation.

Well-designed structure for folder trees and files scales productivity

LawToolBox has powerful tools that allows end-users to provision their new matters with the customized folder and files in seconds. Well designed, purpose-driven and predictable folder and file structure eliminates wasted time and leads to better decision making and better business outcomes. With the right organization and naming conventions, your team knows where and how to find the data they need. Predictable file and folder structure is part of a firm’s data governance, so your firm members don’t have to hunt for lost documents, or waste time recreating work product. Legal professionals have visibility to all relevant files when they need it.

There is significant cost to not using predictable and structured folders when setting up a new matter. An IDC whitepaper found knowledge workers wasted 11.2 hours a week sorting through document management (DMS) challenges. This whitepaper calculated the loss at $19,732 per knowledge worker, per year. A 21.3 percent loss in the firm’s total productivity. See, Bridging the Information Worker Productivity Gap: Challenges and Opportunities for IT.

Combine Best-of-Breed Solutions: LawToolBox + NetDocuments = Amazing!

LawToolBox has a deep integration with NetDocuments (and other DMS) where the systems can be connected, and then the users can open the LawToolBox app inside of the NetDocuments workspace, and from inside LawToolBox they can search and attach links to any file or folder in that system. At both ends security guides every aspect of the integration.

LawToolBox Word templates & clause bank tools – draft once, use EVERYWHERE. When a legal professional works in a specific area of law, they will find that they are using and re-using the sentences, paragraphs, or boiler-plate language over-and-over. Instead of interrupting your drafting to go find the text that you used a week or year before, the LawToolBox Word template feature and Clause Bank give you the tools you need to BUILD and the easily LEVERAGE the prior work product of the experts in your firm! New attorneys can benefit from the expertise of seasoned legal professionals, and a firm can collect and aggregate its best knowledge and work product into structured data that can be easily and intuitively accessed at any time from Outlook or Microsoft Word.

Contact Management across M365

Manage Contacts across your organization, and then attach contacts with matter-specific labels to any matter. Have a contact you don’t want others to see? Keep it private. A powerful contact management system allows all team members to be able to communicate with people outside the organization without having to track down senior attorneys or professionals.

The LawToolBox Mission

The overarching mission of LawToolBox is to empower legal professionals to achieve great data-driven results, to take their practice to new heights, and to become the best attorneys they can be. Our solution at LawToolBox provide legal professionals with secure and easy-to-deploy tools to empower them to reduce risk and streamline their law practice. LawToolBox rests on an enterprise platform to help ensure no disruption to business.

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