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We’re crazy excited to share this month’s app updates, and they are huge!  There’s a lot of new info to absorb, so let us know what you think and if you have any questions. 

1.  Outlook Only – Pin your LawToolBox Add-in Open.  When you open your LawToolBox Add-in in Outlook, you will see a new “pin” in the upper right-hand corner of our add-in.  This is a brand-new feature that we are one of the first companies to incorporate that allows users to pin open the LawToolBox add-in then navigate between emails without having to close and re-open the add-in saving you oodles of time!

2.  Teams App Only – Instantly Create a Microsoft Team from any LawToolBox matter.  Maybe you’re tracking 50 matters in LawToolBox, but you only have a few that are in active litigation?  When a matter heats up and you want to start actively collaborating on it in a Microsoft Team dedicated to that matter, just navigate to LawToolBox matter, click on the action menu, and then click “Create Team”.   In a matter of seconds you will be up and running with a fully provisioned Microsoft Team (that includes all the deadlines documents and notes you were managing in Outlook, SharePoint and One Note).

3.  Lots of New Features in the Admin Portal.  You’ll see lots of new switches where your firm admin can turn on and off features across your whole firm, or user-by-user.  For example, your firm admin can hide the links to the “files” if you use a different document management system. 

We’ve also added features like empowering the admin to turn email reminders on and off. When a firm admin adds a user, they can search their tenant for user info to streamline the add user process, and when the firm admin removes a user, we auto un-share any matters and turn off email reminders.  You can also customize the file path to point to the modern SharePoint TeamSite.   Video.

4.  All apps – filter and email or download any size date range report.  In prior versions of our apps, users were limited in the amount of data they could retrieve because we were processing the data only after it had been retrieved in the app.  Now we are processing the data on the server-side.  This means that you can process huge amounts of data over many years.  Enjoy!

5.  All apps – People.  From the waffle menu in anyone of our apps, click on the “People” symbol to use Microsoft AI to give you a filtered list of all the people you interact with the most.  It’s especially handy if you can’t remember a contacts name exactly!  Once you locate a contact you can quickly call or email them, and you can add them to your firm contacts as you build your rolodex.  Video.

6. All apps – Create firm contacts, then add contacts to any matter.  You can search your own Outlook contacts to add them to the firm library of contacts where others in your firm can access this information.  Then when you have navigated to a matter, you can click “contacts” to build and view information on people somehow related to a case such as a party, team members, opposing counsel, or as a witness, etc.  Video.

COMING SOON!  Label a matter contact with tags such as client, opposing counsel, plaintiff, defendant, opposing party, witness, damages expert, medical expert, fact witness, etc.

7.  LawToolBox on Your Phone.  You now have access to our LawToolBox app for iPhones, iPads, and Androids!   This is a companion app to our award-winning Outlook add-in and Teams app for your phone (be sure to save a quick link to your home screen).  Once you open the mobile-friendly web app, It allows our end-users to access every feature of LawToolBox from their phone or any device.  For example, from your phone you can use the LawToolBox app as a dashboard to jump into your SharePoint files, calendar, notes, shared inbox for that matter.  You can even quickly navigate to matter contacts to make a quick call or send an email.  This is a seriously cool and useful new tool to help you manage your practice even more efficiently, whenever and wherever you want.  Video.

8.  LawToolBox on Any Device.  In addition to your phone you can extend your LawToolBox Microsoft Teams,  Outlook and SharePoint collaboration to any device you own.  Grab your iPad, Google Chromebook or Amazon Kindle … if it has a browser you can be up and running in a few clicks by navigating to and logging on with your Office 365 credentials.  Video.

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