We’re thrilled to announce the latest enhancements to our reporting capabilities. This blog post will take you through our new report categories and explain how they can streamline your legal workflow. You can also click here for an in-depth look inside each report.

Matter Reports

Matter reports provide detailed insights into specific cases. Here are the newly updated reports:

Matter Deadline Reports: Accessible from our add-ins and apps, these reports provide a comprehensive chart of case deadlines. Users can click on ‘authority’ to view relevant legal sources or add their own links to events.

Detailed Deadline Descriptions: Click on ‘details’ to get a deeper understanding of deadlines generated by LawToolBox.

Email or Send Deadline Reports: Now, deadline charts can be emailed directly to users, external individuals, or the matter’s OneNote.

Download Deadline Reports: Download Microsoft Word versions of the deadline charts for offline use or to save to a physical matter file.

Timeline Reports: Users can explore a timeline view of their deadlines, grouped by months or by trigger date.

Report Sorted by Trigger Date: This report provides a breakdown of deadlines that run off a specific trigger date.


User Reports

User reports are all about individual users and their activities. Here are the highlights:

Dashboard Report: Every user can access their own dashboard to view upcoming deadlines and a list of matters that others have recently worked on.

My Day Report: Users can quickly view items added to their calendar by LawToolBox, as well as other events added directly into Outlook.

Pinned Matters – Matter Report: Users can pin important matters for easy access.

Time Sheet Report: This report shows any time-entries users have made for all their matters or a specific matter within a given time range.

Recent Files Report: Users can retrieve any recent files from SharePoint that they have worked on.

Contacts Matter Report: Click on any contact to get a quick view of any matter they have been added to.

Date Range Report: Users can generate a report on upcoming deadlines for any specified date range.

Email Date Range Reports: The date range report can be emailed to the user.

Download CSV Date Range Report: The date range report can also be downloaded in CSV format, allowing filtering and manipulation in Microsoft Excel.

Action Menu for Reports: Users can view other types of end-user reports.

Matter Sharing Report: This report provides insight into who cases are shared with, enabling quick adjustments or updates to sharing settings.

Rule Change Report: Allows users to see if they have any rules-based deadlines within a specific time range that have been modified by LawToolBox rule set managers.

Modified Deadlines Report: Users can run a report across a specific time range to review any deadlines that have been modified during the specified period.

Delve User Activity Report: Users can view what another user has been doing recently, with access controlled and limited by permissions within the Microsoft tenant.

Activity Tracker Report: Users can review recent activity at any time, which can be especially helpful when drafting timesheets.


Admin Reports

Admin reports allow administrators to manage and monitor activities at a higher level. Here’s what’s new:

Matter Statistics Report: This report providesan overview of matters opened over the last 6 months, matters closed, matters by state, matters by user, and matters by Rule Set.

Firm Configuration and Settings Report: Account admins can quickly review all features accessible to the end-user across the firm.

Admin Matter Report: Admins have access to all of the account matters from the admin portal.

Customized Deadlines Report: Admins have access to tools and reports where they can hide deadlines for every matter in a rule set, or they can add a rule set note that will appear every time a designated deadline is calculated for any matter.

Manage Group Report: This report is crucial to identify any LawToolBox matters that are missing a GROUP or missing a TEAM.

Data Governance – Naming Policy Report: Admins can quickly review and update naming policies that apply to newly created matters.

Teams Templates Report: Admins can quickly review and update channels and tabs that can be auto added to newly created matters.

Contact Matter Report: Admins can access all contacts and view a report of all matters the contact has been added to.

Report of Matter & Contact Tags: Admins can access all user-created tags that can be associated with a matter or contact.

Frequent Meeting Templates Reports: Admins can view and manage virtual meeting templates that can be used to auto-generate not only content for meetings, but it can also add users to meetings based on their role in the matter.

Deadline Reports: The admin can download all of the reports across the firm or for any individual user in the firm.

Matter and User Reports: LawToolBox considers your data to be yours. If you need to export LawToolBox matters or user lists, we provide that tool.

User & Configuration Reports: Admins can review an online list of LawToolBox users, and can quickly review and configure which features that user has access to.

Time Sheet Report: From the “Time Sheet” option in their waffle menu, the admin can see any time-entries they have made for all their matters or a specific matter within a given time range.

Activities Reports: The admin can generate activity reports by matter, user, deadline, or admin.

At LawToolBox, we’re continually refining and expanding our platform to make legal deadline management as effortless as possible. We hope these updated reporting features will help your firm manage your matters more effectively and efficiently. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. 

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