Special Offer for National Entrepreneurship Week includes free access to immigration calculator for attorneys who do asylum cases pro bono


Denver, Colorado, February 20, 2017.  LawToolBox, the award-winning deadline management solution for law firms and legal departments, has three announcements: (1) LawToolBox365 is extending its matter-based deadline application so users can also create for that matter a document folder, calendar, notebook, and shared Inbox inside Microsoft Office, (2) LawToolBox was invited by Microsoft to participate in National Entrepreneurship Week, and (3) in celebration of National Entrepreneurs Week the company is offering an extended free trial of its modern LawToolBox365 add-in for Office 365 and a special offer to attorneys who take asylum immigration cases pro bono to use that deadline calculator at no cost.

First, LawToolBox is extending its matter-based backbone in Outlook beyond deadlines so that when a new matter is set up, LawToolBox365 can also create for that matter a document folder, calendar, notebook, and shared Inbox inside Microsoft Office.  LawToolBox is leveraging products within Office 365 that law firms and legal departments are already paying for, which will allow law firms to take advantage of powerful Microsoft security, collaboration, and business intelligence features.  Because LawToolBox365 deadlines can be added to Outlook, attorneys with case management products that two-way sync with Outlook can already surface LawToolBox deadlines in their case management calendars.  Deadlines and timelines are not unique to the legal vertical, and LawToolBox is positioning to extend its product into other verticals, including commercial and residential real-estate closing deadlines, regulatory deadlines, and even our most recent addition with mutual fund deadlines.

Second, National Entrepreneurship Week is being held February 20-24.  LawToolBox will be featured with a handful other companies including Yelp, LinkedIn, Square, and Wix.  Throughout Entrepreneurship Week, in addition to participating on the live broadcast kick-off media event in New York City on February 21, 2017 at 10 am ET, LawToolBox will also be hosting a series of live events in New York and webinar events.  Presentations will focus on legal professionals using Office 365 and tech consultants supporting Office 365 to show them how matter-based deadlines and documents can automate industry specific deadline templates – not just legal – but for any industry.

Third, to celebrate National Entrepreneurship Week LawToolBox has two special offers: (1) legal professionals and tech consultants who download our Office 365 add-in by March 15, 2017 get LawToolBox365 legal bundle for office 365 for free for 2 Months (free trial offer); and (2) attorneys starting a new law firm and experienced attorneys who take on asylum cases pro bono can take advantage of a special offer for immigration matters to use the LawToolBox immigration asylum calculator for free.

These three announcements amplify other recent announcements:

  • Microsoft awarded LawToolBox365 Most Business Value for an Office Add-in, Third Place out of 1700 add-ins in market
  • Legal is one of Microsoft’s first vertical bundles for Office 365 sold through CSP distribution and LawToolBox365 + Office 365 is Microsoft’s first legal SKU for Office 365
  • Microsoft Blog features LawToolBox365 and spotlights LawToolBox365 legal solution for Office 365 in Boost Your Business with New Technology eGuide with Dell Spanning and Barracuda.

“With LawToolBox, legal professionals no longer have to count deadlines on their fingers or use out-of-date spreadsheets. Instead, they can reduce the risk of a missed deadline by calculating deadlines from inside their Outlook Inbox, and then instantly adding those deadlines to team member personal Outlook calendars as well as a shared matter calendar in SharePoint” says Carol Lynn Grow, LawToolBox VP of Marketing & Sales.

About, Inc. LawToolBox uses its proprietary court rule-set and custom rule-set database to power an agnostic cloud-based deadline management system that works with all versions of Outlook (Office 365, local and hosted exchange), as well as any case management system that two-way syncs with Outlook. With LawToolBox365, a modern add-in for Office 365, legal professionals can calculate deadlines for their matters based on rules of procedure for each state and federal court from inside their Outlook, or they can use build-their-own and off-the-shelf deadline templates for transactional, regulatory and specialty practice areas. Users can add deadlines internally to team member Outlook calendars in Office 365; and externally to a client’s Google calendar, a witnesses’ Outlook 2010 calendar, or an expert’s iCal calendar.


Carol Lynn Grow

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