Ruled by deadlines

Everything in law practice is driven by deadlines. Mismanaging dates can not only throw a case into jeopardy, but also a career—as missed deadlines are the leading cause of attorney malpractice suits.

Marrache Law, PC managed cases by using a combination of email and SharePoint to track deadlines and store client files, as well as other legal case management software. However, their process was largely manual, relying on administrators to enter notifications into Outlook by hand, and the different tools they were using were not integrated or centralized. It was slow, inefficient, and susceptible to human error. They needed a more reliable way to stay ahead of deadlines and to keep it all in one place with integrated applications what all worked with each other.

Maximizing efficiencies and investments

Wanting to maximize their existing Microsoft investments, they looked to LawToolBox, an app that automatically calculates deadlines and filing dates based on applicable rules of law and integrates with Outlook, SharePoint, and Teams.

Teams and LawToolBox have given me peace of mind, in terms of both case management and security. I can trust that our deadlines are right and our conversations are secure.– Hector Marrache, Esq.

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