New Emergency Local Rules Effective March 1, 2022 in the Superior Court of California County of Nevada

By Sherry Metzger, Esq.

LawToolBox is another set of eyes looking for rule changes that affect your practice.  Here is one recent example of rule changes in Superior Court of California for Nevada County that we have already incorporated into the LawToolBox deadline calculators:

New emergency local rules in the Superior Court of California County of Nevada became effective March 1, 2022.

The deadline to serve and file a settlement conference statement is five court-days before the mandatory settlement conference under Emergency Local Rule 4.02. (See, Rule 4.02). Emergency Local Rule 5.08, governing trials and mandatory settlement, provides deadlines to file and serve a pretrial statement (either five court-days before the trial date or two court days prior to the settlement conference). (See, Rule 5.08(G)).

A Final Declaration of Disclosure must be filed no later than forty-five days before trial. (See, Rule 5.08(H)). Per Emergency Local Rule 5.08(H)(3), parties and attorneys must try to resolve disputes five court days prior to trial, and stipulations must be submitted on the date trial commences. (See, Rule 5.08(H)(3)). Finally, the party directed by the court to prepare a judgment or order must do so and submit it to opposing counsel within thirty days after the trial or hearing. (See, Rule 5.08(I)).

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