LawToolBox and DocuSign to Deliver deadlines, documents and eSignature for Microsoft Office 365

Denver, Colorado – February 01, 2017

DocuSign empowers more than 250,000 companies and more than 100 million users across 188 countries to send, sign and manage agreements 100% digitally – anytime, anywhere, on any device – with trust and confidence. LawToolBox is an award-winning deadline management solution that enables legal professionals to calculate deadlines from inside their Outlook and manage their SharePoint calendar, files, notes, and matter-based emails. Each company has its own integrations with Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint that streamline different business processes to make legal professionals more efficient, but when integrated they create a powerful “better together” solution.

Law firms are also businesses, and in addition to advocating for their clients in litigation and transactions, attorneys must be good business people making sure that they are implementing technology that streamlines business processes, reduces costs and creates a great client experience. They need to collaborate with those outside their firm on transactions, deadlines, calendars, documents and notes.

With DocuSign, legal professionals no longer have to endure the laborious process of securing approvals and signatures by printing, signing, scanning and faxing paper. Instead, they can sign and send documents directly from their Outlook Inbox with DocuSign, or they can do so by uploading documents securely to the DocuSign cloud, then specifying signers and tagging documents for places where data, initials and signatures are required to complete the transaction.

With LawToolBox, legal professionals no longer have to count deadlines on their fingers or use out-of-date spreadsheets. Instead, they can reduce the malpractice risk of a missed deadline by calculating deadlines from inside their Outlook Inbox, and then synchronizing those deadlines to their SharePoint, Outlook or other calendars.

When you combine LawToolBox365 and DocuSign for Outlook, compelling new use-cases come to life. For example, the joint solution increases the speed and win-rate for retaining new clients as the intake process remains fully digital from start to finish: (1) Law firm uses LawToolBox365 to provision a new matter in Sharepoint, then (2) uses LawToolBox365 to create a first draft of the engagement email, then (3) uses DocuSign to securely upload the engagement letter, at which point (4) the client DocuSigns the agreement, (5) the firm uses LawToolBox365 to save email to matter-based email hub in SharePoint, (6) the firm uses DocuSign to view signed agreement from their Outlook Inbox or SharePoint, and (7) the attorney files the complaint and uses LawToolBox365 to calculate deadlines that run off the commencement date. This entire process, when automated with LawToolBox and DocuSign for Office 365, can take minutes versus days.

“We’re pleased to work with LawToolBox to bring the power of the DocuSign Global Trust Network to the legal industry,” said Mark Register, SVP of Business Development and Channels. “When you combine LawToolBox and DocuSign it creates a new solution for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint users to help law firms make the digital transformation for faster speed to results, increased productivity and a better client experience.”

Another compelling new use-case is streamlining an attorney’s management discovery request: After receiving a discovery request: (1) the firm uses LawToolBox365 to determine the deadline to respond to discovery request, (2) the firm uses LawtoolBox365 to auto generate the first draft email and inserts the discovery deadline, (3) then the firm uses DocuSign to securely upload a first draft of the proposed discovery responses to be DocuSigned by client (who then DocuSigns the pleading), (4) the firm uses DocuSign or SharePoint to produce the signed discovery response to opposing counsel, and as a result (5) the firm has a legally-enforceable audit trail of the production date in case a dispute later arises.

“LawToolBox and DocuSign have been seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office 365 which serves as a platform for these products to not only work well with each other, but also with other software in the ecosystem like document management software, and time and billing software,” said Carol Lynn Grow, VP of Marketing & Sales,

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LawToolBox uses its proprietary court rule-set and custom rule-set database to power an agnostic cloud-based deadline management system that works with all versions of Outlook (Office 365, local and hosted exchange), as well as any case management system that two-way syncs with Outlook. With LawToolBox365, a modern add-in for Office 365, legal professionals can calculate deadlines for their matters based on rules of procedure for each state and federal court from inside their Outlook, or they can use build-their-own and off-the-shelf deadline templates for transactional, regulatory and specialty practice areas. Users can add deadlines internally to team member Outlook calendars in Office 365; and externally to a client’s Google calendar, a witnesses’ Outlook 2010 calendar, or an expert’s iCal calendar.