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In a matter of weeks, Coronavirus has impacted our the world in ways most of us never imagined.  Right now most law firms and legal departments are shifting from traditional work environments to remote work and work-from-home work environments.  If you are using Slack or another collaboration tool and are happy with it, we don’t think you should switch to a new product at this time.  However, if you are in need of an enterprise level security-focused collaboration tool, we think you should seriously consider Microsoft Teams.  Many of you with a Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Premium, E1, E3 or E5 licenses are already paying for Microsoft Teams, other firms can consider using the free version of Teams.

LawToolBox has spent the last 3 years helping law firms and legal departments use Microsoft Teams to run their law practices. Our mission in confronting this pandemic is to support our integration partners, reseller partners, existing customers and prospects that own Office 365 to efficiently work remotely using Microsoft Teams.  If you think this is the right time for your firm to explore using Microsoft Teams to collaborate on matters and work remotely, we prepared an introduction to Microsoft Teams presentation that might help you evaluate this approach

  • We are doing daily no charge, “how to” on-boarding sessions on working from home using Microsoft Teams so that at the end of the first session, participants can chat, call and screen share, create a team and channel, attend or kick off of a #TeamsMorningMeeting and #TeamsOfficeHours  
  • We encourage you to join and participate, and ask any questions you may have (these sessions are not intended to be sales presentations of LawToolBox but will be more focused on Microsoft Teams – which LawToolBox makes no money selling)
  • We offer 3 flavors:  IT Professional, End user beginner, End-user advanced  
  • RSVP for you and others in  your organization to attend a session

To our customers, thanks for trusting us with your business, and to our community and friends let us know how we can help you with any questions you have or how you can transition to a remote work environment.

The LawToolBox Team

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