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By leveraging Microsoft technology, LawToolBox also ensures that its products are securely delivered to end-users while offering a seamless and familiar user experience.

Difficulties in manually managing deadlines

Marrache Law (also known as “Abogados a su defense”), a boutique law firm based in Oxnard, California, focuses on representing the Hispanic community in cases of automotive accidents, immigration cases, and criminal defense.

Due to the complexity of court rules-calendaring, calculating and scheduling deadlines represents the number one risk attorneys face today. Almost 40 percent of all malpractice claims against attorneys are caused by missed deadlines.

Historically, deadline creation was performed manually, as deadlines were calculated by hand and then added to calendars one at a time. This process, when multiplied by the thousands of deadlines legal professionals were constantly managing, led to an increased chance of human error combined with a high labor cost.

Recognizing the high risk and legal troubles that could arise from missed deadlines, Marrache Law was searching for a modern approach that could streamline this process and avoid costly downstream issues.

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