Adding LawToolBox365 for Office 365 Outlook

Note: The Microsoft AppSource deployment of firm wide add-ins, is currently transitioning.  We recommend deploying the add-in individually.

(1) Add LawToolBox365 to an O365 mailbox with global admin rights (STEPS 1 & 2 below) – until this happens, others cannot connect and start using the add-in

(a) alternatively, temporarily assign global admin rights to a user during the 2 minute enabling process described below and then remove admin rights immediately after successfully completing steps 1 and 2)
(b) or users can choose Basic to manage deadlines without creating a Group or SharePoint site (learn more)

(2) Next add additional users here

(3) Next create the following for every user adding or receiving deadlines

(a) Outlook Rule (at the same time, or before the app for Teams is added)
(b) Calendar Filter (within the first week or two of usage)

(4) Add LawToolBox365 from Outlook on the Desktop (this can be done by end users or by an IT person adding the app through an Outlook account online)

STEP 1: From your Outlook Inbox click “Store” icon in Outlook Ribbon > enter LawToolBox365 in search window > click “add”

**Depending on which version of Outlook you have, the ribbon bar might have the icon below “Get Add-ins”

STEP 2: The buttons in image below will appear in your Outlook Ribbon > click “Matters” icon > sign in using Office 365 credentials > review permission terms and click “accept”

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