LawToolBox Court Deadline App for Microsoft Matter Center for Office 365

As part of its continuing effort to help attorneys and legal departments calculate deadlines using products they are already familiar with, LawToolBox announces its Court Deadline app integrated with Microsoft Matter Center for Office 365.

Before installing the LawToolBox Court Deadline app on SharePoint, a law firm or corporation needs to install Microsoft Matter Center for Office 365, which requires both Office 365 and an Azure tenancy. Matter Center uses SharePoint sites to anchor matters to familiar Microsoft products such as OneDrive for file storage, OneNote for trial notebooks, MS Word for drafting legal documents, and Outlook for managing email. Instead of paying consultants thousands of dollars to custom build a SharePoint site for each new case, Matter Center automatically creates a SharePoint site for each case where users can access document libraries, case calendars and other information. The advantage of overlaying matters on this powerful Microsoft infrastructure is threefold: (1) Matter Center is built on top of Microsoft products that have been used by law firms for years, (2) attorneys can take advantage of secure and powerful analytical tools like Delve, that Microsoft has spent years building, and (3) there is one central place to manage documents and deadlines.

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