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LawToolBox for Microsoft Outlook & Teams


Rule No. 1: Outlook Inbox Rule (repeat for all users)


Outlook Inbox Rule (repeat for all users) LawToolBox Rules The rule automatically moves deadlines (e.g.: all day events) out of the Outlook inbox. 95% of items LawToolBox generates are deadlines. However, If an attorney also wants to automatically move calendar invites scheduled for a specific time of day (e.g., from 9am-12pm) to same folder replace LTB-allday with LTBUID for Rule#1. Most attorneys prefer our default settings and prefer to click “I Accept” to events scheduled at a specific time of day so that the deadlines appear as bold on the calendar and the attorney shows as busy (instead of tentative and grayed out) during that time.


Outlook Desktop

A user includes anyone sending, receiving deadlines, reports, documents using LawToolBox Move any messages containing these words in the subject or body to a new folder you create called “LTB Deadlines”. Please note that search teams for Outlook Rules are cap sensitive

Outlook Rules:

Add upcoming group events
View group in outlook
added to a team in Microsoft Teams

Go to File > Manage Rules and Alerts > Create New Rule

Questions? Contact your Firm LawToolBox administrator or support@lawtoolbox.com

Outlook OWA

Outlook MAC

Right Click on Inbox
Create New Folder – LTB Deadlines
Click on Rules-In the Toolbar
Edit Rules
Click +
LTB Deadlines
Change “From” to “Subject or Body”
Search Term – “LTB-allday” “View group” “Add upcoming group events”
Move to Folder – LTB Deadlines


Rule No. 2: Outlook Inbox Rule (for primary users)


Move any messages containing these words in the subject or body to a your new folder called “LTBUSER” This rule enables one designated LTB expert per law firm or legal department to receive notification in a folder in Outlook Inbox that can be referred to for the dates that users have been added or removed form cases.

FAQ – Your LawToolBox Account



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Communicate, Chat & Collaborate in Microsoft Teams NEW
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How to Add Contacts to a Matter
Use LawToolBox on a Phone or Tablet


Configuring Teams and enabling the LawToolBox app



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